PR-Cluster-Partnerinnen Mag. Alexandra Kropf, Mag. Gerlinde Baldauf und Gabriele Strodl-Sollak MA
Foto: Rudolf Schmied

The new form of network agency enables us as independent PR consultants something that is usually denied to typical industry representatives: access to larger budgets which require bigger resources.

Public relations for major events

The launch of our virtual agency was the Expo 2010 in Shanghai - with 70 million visitors the world's largest exhibition. While we took care of the Austrian public relations for the Austria-Expo pavilion from Vienna, the Expo team in China was active as ambassadors for our country for half a year.

The second assignment followed immediately on occasion of the joint annual meeting of the German, Austrian and Swiss Society for Thoracic Surgery in October 2010 in Vienna, to which 700 doctors came. The PR-Cluster took over the PR for the convention at short notice. It proofed anew the good working relationship of the team as well as the extensive experience available. The result was numerous spots on radio, in print and online media. The customer Mondial Congress emphasised the unusually high clipping output through the special efforts of the PR-Cluster.

Subsequently further projects followed, accomplished with the proven division of labour. In 2012 we managed the PR of the "bridges of dialogue" exhibition at the Palais Liechtenstein for the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Other partners in the PR-Cluster:

Gerlinde Baldauf is a lawyer and has a Master of Advanced Studies (PR). She has worked as independent PR consultant, with her agency baldauf_pr, since 2003. Previously she worked in the communications department of Mobilkom Austria AG and as a consultant in the agency Menedetter PR. Her main focus is finance, industry and health.

Alexandra Kropf studied journalism and communication science as well as history. She first worked as journalist and is since 1996 active in PR: first at the agencies Hochegger and Menedetter PR. Then, since 2004 she leads a communications agency in Vienna. Their focus is IT and B2B issues.

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