PR Positioning

Multiply profile through media work

Mediensplitter unserer KundenMediensplitter unserer KundenMediensplitter unserer Kunden

Whether designer, senior consultant, professional mountain climber or person in middle management we will work together on an individual strength profile. The strength profile forms the cornerstone of the stakeholder and environmental analysis. Questions that guide us are: What strengths does my environment perceive? How do I best present my profile? To whom do I communicate my expertise and personality characteristics, when and how? What communication and presentation stages, will I use in the future? Who are my mentors, who blocked me? Which networks do I need?

With elements of the CEO Positioning, the Leadership and a systemic attitude we show strategies for the next career steps within your company. Our clients usually pursue the goal to become, with the desired positioning, well known in public and to develop new customers and markets.

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