Sports and outdoor PR

The importance of the point of sale

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The outdoor-industry is flourishing and has been recording enormous increases for years. Brands that are longing for a piece of this rewarding cake need exact positioning and a high presence in the media in order to establish their position as the number one label in the heads of the customers. Money especially starts rolling in when consumers recognize a brand from the media. It is in glossy magazines such as “Woman”, supplements like “Rondo”, “Schaufenster” and “Freizeit-Kurier” or daily newspapers in the style of “Kronenzeitung”, “Kurier” or “Tiroler Tageszeitung” where it counts to be represented with a strong image in order to discover the own products as casual pieces with the weekend-warriors and in the street scenes.

Affirmed and informed expertise

PR agencies with a focus on “outdoor” like to highlight the sportiness of their team. Backcountry skiing, rock climbing, downhill mountain biking and kayaking are also an essential part of our leisure time, however, an active lifestyle is by far not the sole thing responsible for the success of Outdoor PR. An informed knowledge of the industry and dedication in the contact with stakeholders are of equal importance. That is also what makes Gabriele Strodl-Sollak stand out: her personal network of contacts with journalists helps products and stories about companies and athletes to gain valuable presence in the media. She furthermore conducted the studies “The Austrian Golf Market” (published in 2008) and “The Austrian Sporting Goods Market” (published in 2010) for the Sporting Goods Intelligence publishing house.

Precious insights into the industry and carefully maintained contacts to a variety of journalists are an essential part of our success: Since 2006 we have managed to raise the degree of awareness of the outdoor brands Dynafit, Light and Motion, Mammut, Polychrome, Prijon and Salewa to an above-average level.

Journalists comment on our cooperation

“sweet, smart, sollak.” Michael König, ORF studio Vienna

“The extraordinary part of the cooperation with Gabriele Seidl-Sollak is her professionalism, her reliability and all the other (seemingly) self-evident assets in the everyday life between journalists and agencies. What counts for me is communication at eye level: with attitude, viewpoints and clear statements – contrary to the often used drivel. This involves the search after fresh approaches, attempts and stories: It would be a lot easier for Strodl-Sollak if she facilitated her ways of working – but she doesn’t, and that is what counts.” Thomas Rottenberg , Der Standard, Rondo

"What I associate with Gabriele Strodl-Sollak is alpine competence in the east of Austria. Furthermore she is reliabile as well as  has her finger on the pulse of time,  is extraordinarily fast in arranging interviews as well as photo- and textual material, which I often need on a daily basis, or for my weekly tour recommendations. Plus she is always downright friendly." Günther Krauthackl, Kronenzeitung

"I especially learned to value Gabriele Strodl-Sollak because of her outstanding ability to describe technology-related products in high rate editorial text. It is this competence that has very much enriched my work as a journalist for “freizeit” – an insert of the daily newspaper Kurier: thanks to her thorough research, I was able to extend my articles to the outdoor field. Gabriele Strodl-Sollak is a particularly diligent PR-expert and an open-hearted personality as well." Patrick Wollner, Kurier Freizeit

“A journalist is only as good as his sources. For me, as a freelance journalist it is important to keep up to date in order to score new jobs. Gabriele Strodl-Sollak has provided me with many precious inputs that have led to exciting article.” Christian Scherl, freelance journalist, Wellnessmagazin

“With regard to content, the cooperation with Gabriele Strodl-Sollak is always characterized by her speed and the absence of problems, which often makes my work a lot easier. I furthermore always look forward to a conversation with her: being able to have such a nice chat with someone immensely brightens my work day.” Pia Kruckenhauser,  WOMAN