Gender Mainstreaming

Frauen und Männer sind gleichwertig.

In the number of women in top positions in Austria no progress can be observed:

A joint survey conducted by impulsbüro and Sollak Kommunikationsarchitekten shows a decline in the number of women at board level in ATX and prime market companies. In early 2011 the ratio of female ATX board members were 3.9%, this dropped to 2.6% in early 2012.

Women in top positions require different conditions

We see the reason for this in the absence of conditions provided by the companies: the promotion of women entrepreneurship is still in its infancy in Austria. That is one side of it. The other side is that many men were enthusiastic about paternity leave and being responsible for bringing up children in quantitative surveys, however companies showed little understanding and many fathers expected adverse consequences.

A Swedish study has shown that economic growth can be increased by up to 30 percent if gender equality is practiced in companies. If you want to take this issue actively in hand, please contact us for a strategy and actions.

Clients: sanofi aventis, UniCredit Bank Austria, Municipal Department 48, Train the Trainer by seminar consult, amsbg Arbeitsmarktservice BetriebsgesmbH …. a Siemens company, best training, ibis acam



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