Intercultural Competence

Unternehmen agieren heute in einem kulturell diversen Umfeld

Companies operate in a culturally diverse environment today: at the international level communication between suppliers and customers in other countries take place, but also in Austria intercultural understanding is required:  because about 1.6 million people with a migration background are now living in Austria. Therefore, it is an economically effective investment to make your employees fit for these challenging communication and sales situations.

Organisational development for new communication and sales situations

If you want to establish and sustain intercultural competence in your business talk to us about in-depth organisational development measures. Many of them cost little and have a big impact. An external perspective helps you to quickly identify those people in your company that will pull together in the process.

We are currently conducting research as part of a master thesis on what mix of personal and organisational development best support sales staff to advise immigrant target groups competently and thus gain them as customers.

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