Managing Diversity

Diversity: Menschen sind einander zugleich ähnlich und verschieden

In recent years, the diversity discourse has become increasingly more popular in the German speaking world. Not least through the social agendas of the European Union, the terms diversity, managing gender and diversity and diversity management have become central. In short it is about the conscious approach to diversity, with the stranger or others.

Diversity Today: Togetherness through voluntary interaction

In the 90s differences were reinforced, with the intention to give all representatives a voice and rights and to enable participation, whereas currently a paradigm shift took place.

Our societies are hybridising. That is why companies are now asking the question how cooperation can be achieved through voluntary interaction in order to create real value. How can the "either-or" (dichotomies such as male: female, resident: alien; old: young) be changed to a "both-and" thinking and so result in cohesion? How can diversity be used in the sense of learning from each other productively? How can companies lead a goal-oriented diversity process?

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