Positionierung: Welche meiner Stärken stelle ich im beruflichen Kontext dar?

A distinct positioning is advantageous to people, who are or want to be in the public eye, and facilitate an ongoing positive perception as person. It is a wise investment for both executives and CEOs, as well as for individuals who represent their own businesses – such as designers, athletes, consultants, and many others.

Recognise own strengths

Positioning is about recognising and developing own strengths. That are then summarised and core messages identified in script format. Stakeholder and network analyses help to focus the right messages to dialogue groups. These dialogue partners are often in own companies, but also in networks, interest groups, political (front end) organisations, scientific institutions, alumni associations, etc.

Establishing positioning takes place either in a one-to-one setting or in a workshop with several people. We, with impulsbüro, offer an open workshop twice a year for women who plan their career path.

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